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100% web Function Point Analysis!

  • How fast is to find your function points counts informations inside hundreds of worksheets?
  • Have you ever had a problem that could be solved if you had easy access to historical data?
  • Have you ever had to analyse again informations about ILFs, EIFs or EPs that you know, for sure, that were sometime counted but you can´t find them?
  • Have you ever found wrong spreadsheet formulas or others errors?
  • Can you believe how it doesn´t exist a FPA system to facilitate our work and minimize so many systematic problems? We neither!

Increase productivity! Reduce rework!

Retrieve every entity you already counted (ILF, EIF, EI, EO, EQ) and each FTRs, RETs and DETs. Retrieve its complexities and contributions. Inform just what changes in this enhancement. Ok. Your baseline is automatically updated and you are ready to GO to your next demand!

Adherent to IFPUG Best practices!

IFPUG has published the paper Practical Guidelines for Documenting the Function Point Count. It's about creating a record of the count that is auditable, defensible and traceable.
Sizify is ready to receive these data.

Wherever you are

What about accessing your analyses wherever you are, even in another city, country or at the airport right from your iPad? You can access Sizify, wherever you are. Remote times? Your customers is at New York and your CFPS is at Boston? You need a remote support? You can connect your team to work together quickly!

So Simple

Don’t worry about software installation. You do not need to handle IT infra-structure to operate Sizify! No servers, No databases. We are SaaS, we use cloud computing. No special hardware, no headaches. Only two clicks to access Sizify. The first one is here!

You choose where to operate

We are on the Web. It works on a Mac OS, Linux, Windows, on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera… Yes, it also works in your iPad, iPhone, Android… as you wish.


In just a few clicks you can use Sizify services and begin to reduce rework, enhance your productivity and therefore your effectiveness. Intensify the consistency of your counts, quantify your savings! Deliver quality.

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Next, on Sizify!

We are developing Sizify under Lean Startup concepts. We want to build a product following a continuous feedback process, constant and intense learning from our users… We will release new features to everyone involved with Function Point Analysis: analysts, IT suppliers and IT managers.

Next releases will include:

Metrics Teams: You will be able to create teams that can share each other analyses and work together…

Send FPA demands for your team, follow up and export monthly reports for billing.

Charts and management indicators.

Share analyses with other users or teams, for peer review, for client review or audit review.

Management indicator for IT expenditures by suppliers, by applications and by business area.

Corporative accounts, with SSL (even safer), SLA-based Support, management features, brand customization, etc.

Non-functional measurement with IFPUG SNAP.

API to integrate Sizify with your systems.

Contribute! Which feature do you need?

Do you want to create with us?

The idea of Sizify was to create a solution to our currently needs. Why are we still using spreadsheets to FPA? As Function Points analysts we wanted to know if we do have a problem worth solving. As FPA users we believe that a system can help us to solve a lot of problems we face every day.

Who we are: FPA counters, analysts, IT managers, customers, IT suppliers, and everyone that believe we can make better than continue using spreadsheets. We are FPA users, we measure software, we want to "release-early, release-often", always listening to you. Come and create with us, share what you need first, to guide our next features prioritization. We will communicate, give feedbacks, listen to your concerns, always trying to solve our issues.

Do you want to participate?

Send us your feedback, ideia, comments, critics or suggestions:


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