40-day Free Trial!
40 analyses in a month

The BETA Plan is the plan to begin using Sizify. You have 40-day free trial period to know this web application. After that, with this plan you're able to make 40 analyses in a month.

And if I need more than 40 counts by month?
Contact us for the Corporate Plans!
Are there any other plans?
Contact us for the Corporate Plans!
How is the payment?
You can pay by credit card or contact us for payment alternatives for the Corporate Plans!

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Why is Sizify accessing my Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?
Almost every website requires you to create a new username and password. It's hard to manage so many users in so many different services.
Sizify offers an alternative authentication using the most common services (GMail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) making it easy to you so you don't need to create another username and password. This authentication service, also known as OAuth, is safe and does not allow us to see you password. Just your name and e-mail are used to facilitate you account process creation.

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Read more about how OAuth protocol works.
If you prefer, you can still create a new login and password.
Can I create a traditional username and password?
Sure, click here.